The methods and conditions for entering the Republic of Slovenia differ depending on nationality.

As a rule, citizens of EU, the EEA Member States and of Switzerland may enter the Republic of Slovenia with a valid ID card or passport. This is the case regardless of the intention due to which they are entering the Republic of Slovenia and wish to reside in the Republic of Slovenia (even if they wish to enter the Republic of Slovenia due to employment, study, self-employment, accommodation etc.). For the first three months after entry, they may reside in the country without declaring residence, but they must report their presence to the competent police station within three days after entering the national border. If they wish to reside in the territory of Slovenia for more than 90 days, they must declare their residence to the administrative unit or submit an application for the issue of a certificate of residence declaration before the end of the 90-days period.«

They may also request a certificate of residence declaration directly when entering the country. More information about declaring residence is available here.

Third country nationals who intend to enter Slovenia and reside in it for the purpose of study must obtain a residence permit. The first temporary residence permit for Slovenia must be obtained by a third country national before entering the country. The application for the issue of the first temporary residence permit is filed with the diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad. More information about the entry of third country nationals is available here.


The right to subsidised accommodation in public and private student residence halls, secondary school boarding homes and with private providers is granted to students who are citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and fulfil other conditions for subsidised residence based on the Rules on subsidising the accommodation of students (Official Gazette of the RS, no. 22/01, 35/06, 75/08, 97/10 and 46/12).

Foreign students are provided residence in student residence halls only if they are receiving the Funds' scholarship under the following programmes:

More information about the accommodation of foreign nationals in student residence halls is available here.

Foreign students may also reside in some secondary school boarding homes that have vacancies. Information about non-subsidised accommodation vacancies for foreign students in secondary school boarding homes is available directly from the respective secondary school boarding home.

Foreign students may also arrange accommodation at private providers who are renting rooms. More information about rooms for rent is available on the website of the free M2 agency, the SRCe Student Resource Centre and on the website for real estate rental and lease.

For assistance and advice on finding accommodation, please refer to student organisations.

Other important information related to foreigners' residence in the Republic of Slovenia is available at

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