The Fund has been build from Ad futura, which became very successful in the five years of its operation. In the 2006 it received various acknowledgements for quality and innovation.


In October 2006 the Slovene Institute of Quality and Metrology certified Ad futura with a Q-936 certificate for management system according to the demands of ISO 9001:2000 standards.


The Fund has been among four nominees of Golden Swallow 2006 for the best public organisation with the argument that it is “... an untypical public organisation that is striving to offer its customers exceptional service, that increases their satisfaction. Its project type organization gives it motivation. Their innovations reach international response and acknowledgement.”


The Ad futura Club was in January 2007 nominated for the IZIDOR 2007 award for the best web project in the area of social networking. The basic criteria considered web excellence as a place of interaction of company or organization, the needs of the users and the specifics of Internet.


In November 2007 after the fund's reorganization, the Slovene Institute for Quality and Metrology awarded the fund with the certificate for management system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards Q-936 for "Provision of financial aid and enabling the information flow as well as development of human resources".


In the web survey conducted in April 2010 over 70% (of 413 people) of our scholaship recipients and bussiness partnersstated they are satisfied or even very satisfied with the provided services.


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