In 2008, the Programme for co-funding education and training was launched with the cooperation of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. From 2011, European social fund contributed the majority of financial means.

The aim of the programme was to promote the inclusion of companies and individuals in further education or training in order to achieve greater competitiveness and flexibility of employees. In the beginning, the employers devoted not much of attention to enhancing the competence development of older or disadvantaged groups of employees. Narrowing the target group within the scope of last three calls for applications helped employers to become aware that inclusion of marginal group is beneficial.

Important Achievements for the period 2008-2015:

  • more than 34.500 employees trained,
  • an increase in employee competences and improvement of their adaptability and mobility,
  • highly motivated employees,
  • promoted trainings for elderly employee sand
  • more than EUR 11.000.000 invested (co-financed by ESF).


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