Competence Centers for Human Resources Development

Competence Centers for Human Resources Development (KOC 2.0)


Project team KOC 2.0 is part of a public institution that coordinates 17 partnerships with more than 300 successful Slovenian companies, which have more than 40.000 employees in total. In the past year and a half, there have been more than 20.000 inclusions in training programs.

The project is meant for companies from the specific sector to establish a partnership managed by a project team, develop a competency model, identify the skills, gaps, and implement training programs.

These programs take the form either of in-company training or of external training bringing together participants of the same profile from different companies of the partnership (e.g. technologists, managers, marketing specialists, etc.).

The core objectives are to spur strategic HR development, attain higher level of knowledge and skills of employees and managers, to adapt the employees skills in order to meet the challenges arising from the increased competition due to globalization, changes in technology and economic trends, to make solid basis for collaboration of enterprises in the field of HR, circulation of knowledge through internal trainings and finding synergies, and moreover to provide an excellent experience for the participants in lifelong learning with the aim of reaching long term results.



The Competent Slovenia is a set of workshops and trainings designed for employees and above all, for employers and top management, in due to provide and improve the wide range of competences for reducing the existing discrepancies between current knowledge and emerging needs at the global labor market. In addition, one of the fundamental goals of the project is to raise the overall awareness of the managers and key employees about the importance of lifelong learning. There have been 43 workshops in the past year with more than 1.000 participants.






Project is funded by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social affairs and Equal opportunities and European Union from European Social Fund.

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