Human Resources Development

Supporting companies and helping economies prosper

Since 2008, we have created various programmes to promote growth and development of knowledge, skills and lifelong learning. In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, our institution supported a wide range of activities.


In new financial perspective 2014-2020 we are going to perform following programmes:


In implementation: 

  • Scholarship for shortage occupation
  • Creative Path to Knowledge
  • Competence Centres for Human Resources

In preparation:


  • Student Innovative Projects for the Benefit of Society
  • Practical Training with work
  • Improving educational level (in preparation)
  • Comprehensive Support to Companies for Active Aging of Employees (in preparation)



In addition to co-funding scholarships in the period 2008 - 2015, we have successfully run eight human resources development programmes for educational institutions, adults and companies.



  • supporting competence development of young people at all levels of education,
  • encouraging adults to gain higher education and promoting lifelong learning,
  • stimulating investments in employee competence development, helping employees gain relevant knowledge, skills and competences and
  • connecting educational system with economic sector

we have actively contributed to positive changes for both individuals and society in general.




More than 123.000 people have participated in one of programmes supported by European Social Fund, namely:


  • 23.000 pupils in primary school,
  • 26.000 secondary and higher school students,
  • 3.370 university students,
  • more than 3.450 scholarship recipients,
  • 7.700 adults in secondary education and
  • more than 64.000 employees.

Total financial contribution from European Social Fund exceeded 84.000.000 EUR in 2015.


The quality of services provided and in-depth work with specific target groups is in the focus of our programmes. Cooperation with companies, educational institutions, HR experts, policy makers and other stakeholders on cross-sectoral approach is and will be of great importance for common success.


More information about programmes you can find in booklet: With development of People - We prosper.



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